Quality of Life

Nova Scotians are proud of their province and feel strong attachments to its history, culture, traditional family life, and its outward-looking vision. If you walk down a busy Nova Scotia street today and you will meet people from all parts of the world who now call Nova Scotia home. Throughout its history, the province has welcomed newcomers, and this tradition remains unchanged.

Nova Scotians feel they have the best of both worlds. All the advantages of a truly modern society, connected to the world and forging ahead with scientific and technological development, are to be found in their province, and a vibrant culture of creativity in art, music, theatre and film has made Nova Scotia a centre for young talent of all kinds. At the same time, Nova Scotians daily experience the sense of belonging that comes from a long and colourful history, a tradition of friendliness and generosity, an unspoiled natural environment and communities that are both safe and service-friendly.